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ECG Case Quiz # 4

    A 64-year-old is brought in by family from home. He had been experiencing 8/10 intermittent, non-radiating, substernal chest pressure since last night. Upon arrival in the emergency department his vitals signs are all within normal limits and his exam is physical exam is unremarkable. His initial ECG performed …

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    A 22 year old male present to the ED with complaints of generalized flushing of the skin and associated urticaria which began within 20 minutes after he began eating at a new Sushi restaurant. Upon arrival he is diaphoretic, nauseated and dizzy with tingling to his lips and …

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Pediatric Radiology Quiz #1

  A 10 year old female presents to the emergency department with complaints of left-sided hip pain over the past 2 weeks. The pain had been intermittent initially, but has gotten much worse over the past 2 days. Neither the child, nor her parents, can recall any trauma or recent …

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Marathon Monday

  A 32 yr old male limps into the emergency department with complaints of general malaise with severe myalgias and arthralgias. He had run the Boston marathon two days ago and began feeling sick yesterday with headache, myalgias, nausea and vomiting. His vitals signs are normal, but he appears clinically …

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Altered Mental Status

  A 27 year old male is brought to the emergency department by paramedics after a bystander called 911 because he was staggering down the street with slurred incomprehensible speech. Upon arrival in the ED, the patient appears to have an altered mental status. The patient’s pupils (shown) are equal …

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Dyspnea and Fever: ECG Quiz

    42 year old female with IVDA Hx, presents to the ED with dyspnea on exertion and fever. She denies chest pain, pressure or tightness. What is your interpretation of her ECG?                                   …

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