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Vaping Associated Pulmonary Injury (VAPI)

  Vaping is the act of inhaling aerosolized liquid from a device, sometimes called a vape pen or an e-cigarette.ย A vaping device consists of a mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge for containing the e-liquid or e-juice, and a heating component for the device that is powered by a battery. The …

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Visual Diagnosis # 12

  A 39 year-old female presents to the emergency department by ambulance from home with worsening dyspnea and fatigue over the past 3 days. She is 6 days post-partum after an uncomplicated full-term vaginal delivery. This is her first pregnancy, during which she had developed gestational hypertension in the last …

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Visual Diagnosis # 9

  A 54 year-old male presents to the emergency department with symptoms of intermittent palpitations and mild dyspnea over the past few days. He denies chest pain, pressure or tightness. His past medical history is significant for type 2 diabetes which is diet controlled and hypertension which is well-controlled with …

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