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Knee Dislocation and Vascular Injury

  A knee dislocation, not to be confused with a patella dislocation, is a rare, but potentially limb-threatening injury. Most often caused by high-velocity trauma, knee dislocations account for less than 1.2% of orthopedic trauma. Knee dislocations often result in injury to multiple cruciate ligaments of the knee, but can also cause neurovascular …

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Calcaneal Fractures

  Case: 24 yr male with acute alcohol intoxication brought in by ambulance. While performing some parkour stunts he fell approximately 4 meters, landing on his feet. His only complaint is right foot pain. He denies neck, chest, abdominal, back or pelvic pain. His vital signs are stable. After your …

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Pediatric Radiology Quiz #1

  A 10 year old female presents to the emergency department with complaints of left-sided hip pain over the past 2 weeks. The pain had been intermittent initially, but has gotten much worse over the past 2 days. Neither the child, nor her parents, can recall any trauma or recent …

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