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Visual Diagnosis # 17

  A 14 yr male presents with pain and swelling to the left eye. Mother states he recently had a mild illness with cough and sinus congestion within the past 2 weeks. Over the past 3-4 days he has developed left eye pain and swelling.  He currently has a fever …

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Visual Diagnosis # 8

    A 24 year-old male presents to the emergency department for evaluation of an eye injury with loss of vision. The patient states he was playing soccer last night when the ball struck him in the face injuring his left eye. There was no loss of consciousness. The patient …

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Visual Diagnosis # 4

    A 10-year-old boy presents is brought in with complaints of right eye pain and double vision. The patient claims he ran into a classmate while playing football after school one week ago. He denies any loss of consciousness at the time of the accident. He denies headache, vomiting, …

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Eye Trauma: Quiz

      A 22 year old female present with severe pain, photosensitivity and decreased vision to the right eye. She claims she was struck in the eye by a projectile while on the back of a motorcycle.         1. What does this image show? 2. What …

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