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Knee Dislocation and Vascular Injury

  A knee dislocation, not to be confused with a patella dislocation, is a rare, but potentially limb-threatening injury. Most often caused by high-velocity trauma, knee dislocations account for less than 1.2% of orthopedic trauma. Knee dislocations often result in injury to multiple cruciate ligaments of the knee, but can also cause neurovascular …

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Visual Diagnosis # 13

  A 45 yr-old male arrives via ambulance in the emergency department found lying on the sidewalk unresponsive but with stable vital signs and no acute signs of trauma. The patient is very well known to EMS and emergency department staff and has a history of chronic alcohol abuse. Upon …

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100 Trauma Care Sites To Bookmark

  Taken from: ParamedictoRN.org “Traumatic injury is something that most paramedics, nurses, and other medical professionals will have to treat, or at least peripherally work with during their careers. The potential for traumatic injuries to cause lifelong damage if not cared for properly means that staying up-to-date on trauma best …

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