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Visual Diagnosis # 5


Ludwig's Angina - 60secondem











A 46 year old male presents with complaints of sore throat and difficulty swallowing over the past 5 days. He described subjective fevers over the past 2 days which he related to a recently infected lower molar which has been causing more pain over the past 2 weeks. He denies cough or shortness of breath.

Vitals signs:

Temp: 101.2 °F (38.4°C), HR: 106, RR: 22, BP: 142/74, Sat.97%

He had pain and difficulty opening his mouth. There was diffuse tenderness to the anterior neck with associated neck swelling and some superficial erythema. He had limited range of motion of the neck secondary to pain. Lungs were clear bilaterally. Normal heart exam without murmur.

1. What is your diagnosis at a glance?

2. What is your immediate concern?

2. What is the treatment?


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