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SMACC : Social Media and Critical Care



” SMACC is the most exciting innovation in the critical care education calendar, bringing together all the Critical Care Specialties (Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, Rural GP’s, Retrieval medicine and Intensive Care) on a modern stage. Delegates interact face-to-face and online with the biggest names in web-based education. The enormous success of on-line learning platforms (‘lifeinthefastlane.com’, ‘theintensivecarenetwork.com, and ‘emcrit.org’) is now being harnessed to provide this face-face critical care conference. SMACC


SMACC Chicago 2015 - 60secondem









The SMACC conference is an excellent example of

FOAM (Free Open Access Medical Education). Here are some links to the SMACC lectures – video and audio.


View SMACC: Social Media and Critical Care conference videos on…








Download Lectures from iTunes…








SMACC Gold 2014 videos on…















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