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When discussing proper technique for endotracheal intubation, we often emphasize ear to sternal notch positioning. Especially in the obese patient, this technique will maximize visualization and improve the mechanics of ventilation.

the RAMP 1- 60secondEMIn obese patients and select anticipated difficult airways I often see this technique depicted as “ramping” the patient with a mountain of blankets.




I present to you a technique I’ve been using for years that will save time and laundry.
Instead of ramping your patient with blankets, simply position your patient at the head of the stretcher, with head and neck extended over the end of the mattress. Then simply raise the head of the stretcher until your patient’s ear is level with the sternal notch.

the RAMP 2- 60secondEM








the RAMP 3- 60secondEM








the RAMP 4- 60secondEM









the RAMP 5- 60secondEM











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