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Part II – Difficult Airway Management : The Elaine Bromiley Case


Microsoft PowerPointScreenSnapz039This post is a follow-up to the post and video “Difficult Airway Management : The Elaine Bromiley Case”

            – please watch the initial video prior viewing this post.



“Using the circumstances of a real case as a starting point, this video demonstrates the use of a variety of cognitive aids & teamwork strategies, including the Vortex Approach, in managing an airway crisis. The video was produced by Simpact with the support of Martin Bromiley.
Whilst the scenario portrayed initially uses the context of a real case, it is not possible to know whether the strategies used in the video would have actually influenced the the course of events in that particular case. The intention is that this video be used to illustrate, and initiate discussion about, approaches which might facilitate the efficient implementation of the technical aspects of difficult airway management in such a situation, by optimising teamwork and situational awareness during an emergency.”
Written & Directed by Nicholas Chrime



As emergency medicine practitioners, our approach to airway management is frequently that of necessity in the patient that is not ventilating or oxygenating adequately.  It is quite different in the operating room under more controlled circumstances and often with patients who have been pre-screened prior to an elective procedure and have been fasting.

That being said this simulation video is an excellent way to prompt a discussion on the management of the difficult airway.  I must say as I watched the initial video, my heart rate was up and my sphincter appropriately tightened.  I started to feel near the end, that this was almost like a game for the learning observer, ie. how many things can you spot in this video ?  Or like I was watching a horror film – and yelling at the actors on the television – “Nooooo….don’t go in the basement !! Why? Why would you do that ??!!”


Which brings us to The VORTEX Approach to airway management.  




More information on the Vortex Approach to airway management is available at vortexapproach.org  




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