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Apneic Oxygenation



apneic-oxygenation-60secondem-300x225Preoxygenation has been used routinely prior to rapid sequence intubation (RSI) with the goal of maintaining hemoglobin saturation during airway management.

However, patient’s who are still hypoxemic ≤ 90%, have multilobar pneumonia or other causes for increased metabolic demands, can quickly desaturate during endotracheal intubation despite adequate preoxygenation.



Increasing the length of time prior to a patient dropping their oxygen saturation can be accomplished by maintaining high-flow oxygen by nasal cannula (≥15 lpm), during preoxygenation phase in-addition-to the non-rebreather mask or bag-valve mask and most importantly “during” the time of attempted endotracheal intubation.

apneic-oxygenation-2-60secondem 2apneic-oxygenation 3 - 60secondem







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