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Visual Diagnosis # 13 : Answers


The patient’s GCS is 12

Eye: The patient is able to open his eyes in response to voice (3 points)

Voice: He is confused and disoriented (4 points)

Motor: He localizes painful stimuli (5 points)




The image reveals Hemotympanum which is associated with a basilar skull fracture. A basilar skull fracture involves a fracture in the posterior skull base or the anterior skull base. A breakage in the posterior skull base may involve a fracture of the occipital bone, temporal bone, or the sphenoid bone. A break in the anterior skull base may involve breakage of the sphenoid bone or ethmoid bone. Only about 4% of severe head injuries involve a basilar skull fracture.




Other delayed physical findings associated with basilar skull fracture, include….

 Raccoon Eyes








and mastoid bruising called Battle’s Sign.







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