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Pediatric Radiology Quiz #1


slipped-capital-femoral-epiphysis-SCFE-60secondem-300x221A 10 year old female presents to the emergency department with complaints of left-sided hip pain over the past 2 weeks. The pain had been intermittent initially, but has gotten much worse over the past 2 days. Neither the child, nor her parents, can recall any trauma or recent illnesses.

On physical exam, the child has an antalgic gait and seems moderately uncomfortable with weight bearing. You note limited mobility of the left hip in abduction, but no crepitus with range of motion. The contralateral hip is unremarkable.


1. What is the differential diagnosis of acute hip pain in children?

2. What is your interpretation of this image?

3. What are the possible complications of this diagnosis?

4. What is the treatment?



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