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ECG Quiz # 2 : Answers

Brugada Syndrome is a rare, hereditary disease that is associated with a high risk of sudden cardiac death. It affects only 5 in 10,000 and is 8-10 times more prevalent in men than in women. Upon further investigation, the patient’s father had died at age 29 from a sudden cardiac arrest without any previous history or risk factors.

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Brugada syndrome is characterized by ST segment elevation in the precordial leads (V1-V3) and is the most common cause of sudden cardiac death in patients without underlying structural heart disease.

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In the diagnosis of Brugada syndrome, three repolarization patterns in the right precordial leads are seen on ECG, though Type 1 is the only criterion that is diagnostic of Brugada.

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Treatment: In asymptomatic patients without a family history of sudden cardiac death, managed is conservative. However, in patients who are symptomatic or do have a significant family history, implantation of an automatic implantable defibrillator (ICD) is currently the only effective treatment for ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation in patients with Brugada syndrome in the prevention of sudden cardiac death.

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